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No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing. Arkamaya Cooking Program is here to offers a unique way to learn about cooking where students would not only graduate as a chef, but also a creative entrepreneur in culinary industry. At the end of the program, students will have a chance to get industry exposure and attend lots of useful workshop to support their future career.

Students will learn based on 95% practice and 5% theory in Arkamaya’s cooking program.



Students are expected to enjoy more in cooking without forgetting the basic principles of cooking itself and also the authentic values ​​of Indonesian cuisine.

This class is an introduction to Indonesian cooking, perfect for student who seek to learn from scratch. This course we create variety of dishes that are 100% done by students and fully hands-on.

Class Capacity : 18 students max

Meetings : 7 times

Schedules : 

  • Monday & Wednesday from 10AM – 5PM
  • Tuesday & Thursday from 10AM – 5PM

Unit Outlines

  • Day 01 – Knife Skill
  • Day 02 – Basic Indonesian Spices
  • Day 03 – Oven Technique
  • Day 04 – Chinese Wok Technique
  • Day 05 – Steam Technique
  • Day 06 – Slow Cook Technique
  • Day 07 – Beef Stock Technique


Students are encouraged more daring to show their originality and creativity in cooking.

Would you like to be able to cook a fine dine standard? This program offers advance training for ambitious cook. We will be working with intricate technique and covering areas in-depth to create complex flavored and texture

Class Capacity : 18 students max

Meetings : 8 times

Schedules : 

  • Monday & Wednesday from 10AM – 5PM
  • Tuesday & Thursday from 10AM – 5PM

Unit Outlines

  • Day 01 – Authentic Indonesian Cuisine
  • Day 02 – Sambal Galore
  • Day 03 – Meat, Fish, Poultry Technique
  • Day 04 – Grilled Technique
  • Day 05 – Indonesian Satay
  • Day 06 – Indonesian Canape
  • Day 07 – Aneka Tumpeng Nusantara
  • Day 08 – Cooking Challenge


1 Uniform Set From Arkamaya-
Recipes And Module From Arkamaya-
Provided Ingredients-
Premium Kitchen & Utensils-
Certificate by Arkamaya-

Meet The Expert!


Chef Pasya Hardiman

Cooking Chef

Chef Pasya Hardiman or more familiarly called chef Pasya is an alumni from NHI school in food production section. Because of his proficiency in western and fusion food, then he spread his wings to foreign country. Chef Pasya also have a working experience at Holland American Line Cruise for more than 6 years in fine dining section. Before he joined Arkamaya he once wa a resident chef in one of the cooking school pioneer for more than 4 years.

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