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About Arkamaya

What is Arkamaya Indonesian Culinary Education?

Have you ever seen the rise of a new form of Indonesian food like Es Teler Macaron or Klepon Cake and think to yourself, “where did they got the idea from?”

Because that is exactly what we teach.

Here at Arkamaya, we encourage you to take that taste of familiarity from your mother’s kitchen, and turn it into something new. Something exciting. Something that is not just appetizing, but also sells.

We are not producing a chef who just knows how to cook,

We make a creative chef who can serve dishes beyond your imagination.

Inside Arkamaya’s kitchen

Today you see how the Indonesian food industry keeps on developing as fast as poaching an egg, which leads to the rise of new chefs and culinary entrepreneurs everywhere.

To beat the game, here we provide the high quality facilities and education for you to use. And since we believe that everyone has that creative soul and hunger for greatness their heart, let’s mix what we have, stir it well, and make a dish like no other!


We wish Arkamaya to be the place that offers the creatively innovative education and training for Indonesian food and pastry lovers, so that they can create a unique, one-of-a-kind cuisine.


We are committed to always provide the facilities, the quality, the technique, and the boost of spirit to push your potential to its limit.

And we did not just stop there, we also opening up doors for you to reach a fresh and exciting opportunity in the culinary industry.


We are determined to produce graduates that are not just talented, but also full of creativity and having the drive to bring Indonesian culinary forward, to be –not just a cook, but also a successful entrepreneur.

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