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arkamaya indonesian culinary education

About Arkamaya

What is Arkamaya Indonesian Culinary Education?

Have you ever seen the rise of a new form of Indonesian food like Es Teler Macaron or Klepon Cake and think to yourself, “where did they got the idea from?”

Because that is exactly what we teach.

Here at Arkamaya, we encourage you to take that taste of familiarity from your mother’s kitchen, and turn it into something new. Something exciting. Something that is not just appetizing, but also sells.

We are not producing a chef who just knows how to cook,

We make a creative chef who can serve dishes beyond your imagination.

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Our programs

Cooking Program

Here is where students could enjoy cooking without forgetting the basic principles of cooking itself and also the authentic values of Indonesian cuisine. They will also be more daring to show their originality and creativity in cooking to kick-off their career.

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Pastry Program

Students are expected to have mastered the basic techniques of patisserie and be more confident in creating their own signature, both in form and taste. With these abilities, Arkamaya graduates will be able to differentiate themselves better in the industry.

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teacher profiles


Chef Yosua Ekajaya

Pastry Chef


Chef Pasya Hardiman

Cooking Chef


Chef Amanda

Pastry Chef

What do our students say?

There are lots of things I love from studying at Arkamaya Indonesian Culinary Education. Starts from their industry experienced chefs, friendly cooking assistants as students’ helper, Arkamaya’s brilliant recipes and also all those cooking facilities they offers.- Lisa, Cooking Class
Arkamaya’s pastry class is my favourite and the best culinary school I have known. I am always satisfied with all the pastry I made from Arkamaya class because they have professional teachers and excellent kitchen facilities. Arkamaya is always my first choice when it comes to learn more and more about Pastry.- Jane, Pastry Class
Arkamaya has lots of delicious recipes which are also easy to follow. Arkamaya chefs and helpers always weight all the ingredients precisely, teach us how to do it correctly and also answer our questions during the hands-on cooking session. So, it is always taste the same when I the dish again at home.- Luhluh, Cooking Class

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